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A Real Concern

Physical security:

  • Facilities are often unmanned (the Rancho Viejo facility will be unmanned)

  • Minimal physical security

  • Outsider threat actors will have time to carry out their action


  • Stored energy has inherent risks

  • Batteries – gassing, fire, toxic chemicals Dams, compressed air, flywheels…

  • Safety risks are mitigated with electronics



  • Disable protection mechanisms

  • Cause damage or malfunction of BESS Induce power grid instability – (Centralized or DER) Modify readings to harm awareness


From Cybersecurity of Battery Energy Storage Systems: Rodrigo D. Trevizan, PhD Senior Member of Technical Staff Sandia National Laboratories

Support New Mexico in transitioning to clean energy, while avoiding unnecessary risks to our communities and further destruction to our environment.  

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