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The Nature Conservancy

  • The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive. 

  • They provide a significant amount of information, tools, and further resources in regard to responsible renewable siting. 

  • “Fortunately, there is plenty of previously developed land that can be used to meet our clean energy needs—at least 17 times the amount of land needed to meet the Paris Agreement goals. But accelerating the buildout on these lands requires taking pro-active measures now.”


1. Get in the zone; Identify areas where renewable energy buildout can be accelerated.

2. Plan ahead; Consider habitat and species in long-term energy planning and purchasing.

3. Site Renewables Right; Develop science-based guidelines for low-impact siting.

4. Choose Brownfields over Greenfields; Facility development on former mine lands and industrial sites.

5. Buy Renewables Right; Make corporate commitments to buy low-impact renewable energy to meet clean energy goals.

6. Invest for Climate and Nature; Apply lending performance standards to ensure renewable energy investments are clean and green. 

Six Pathways to a Clean and Green Renewable Energy Buildout

We must minimize Energy Sprawl 

A:  Energy sprawl is the product of the total amount of energy produced annually and the land-use concentration of production. Basically, this means the amount of energy that can be produced in a given amount of space.

Q: What is Energy Sprawl?

Support New Mexico in transitioning to clean energy, while avoiding unnecessary risks to our communities and further destruction to our environment.  

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