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Our state, our country and the world face countless decisions ahead, when choosing locations for renewable energy.  In considering appropriate choices for these facilities, we must avoid choosing “the path of least resistance” and do things the right way.  We must remember what this uphill battle is all about, battling climate change in order to save our planet.  

We must ask ourselves, are we really saving the planet, when we choose to do things such as clear-cut thousands of acres of forest for solar panels, destroy the habitats of our wildlife that have used these lands for hundreds of years, risk contamination of our underground aquifers that thousands rely on, or last but not least, put people’s lives in jeopardy?  This can be avoided with proper legislation and stricter oversite.


There should be a moratorium imposed, until appropriate Utility Scale Solar Power Plant legislation and regulations for New Mexico are enacted.  We all wish to meet New Mexico’s goal in transitioning to environmentally responsible and sustainable energy sources, however solar facility locations that minimize additional environmental impacts and threats to our communities should be the decisive factors.  Let’s do this right! 

Support New Mexico in transitioning to clean energy, while avoiding unnecessary risks to our communities and further destruction to our environment.  

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